Body Labs 3D body scanning could find applications in everything from fashion to fitness

body labs

Body Labs 3D body scan.

Manhattan-based startup Body Labs wants to 3D scan human bodies. But unlike scanning a piece of furniture, your body changes, and a scan today won’t be exactly the same as a scan made three weeks ago. That is exactly what Body Labs is counting on. Body Labs is exploring just one of its technology’s applications to build a happier, healthier you by tracking your body’s subtle changes.



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Fabrics may soon be able to yield more health data than devices


Data from smart apparel will begin carving a health roadmap for the wearer.

What if your outfit made more than a fashion statement? Thanks to miniaturization and state-of-the-art integration of electronics, smart clothing is a burgeoning new space in which sensors are now fixed, woven, and embedded into everyday wear. Hap Klopp, founder of North Face, says, “Fabrics will generate more data than devices in the next 10 years.” Many analysts estimate large-scale adoption by 2020.

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Personal Space Dress lets the wearer maintain their personal space in public

space dress

Personal Space Dress

People everywhere knows how uncomfortable it is to feel that someone is invading your personal space when commuting, and no one knows more about that than then subway riders of Hong Kong. Kathleen McDermott, an MFA Creative Media student at City University of Hong Kong, has created a mechanical dress that will adjust its hem when a nearby person starts creeping in too close. (Video)



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CLO3D – Amazing 3D virtual fashion design technology

CLO3D at CES 2014

CLO3D is a 3D fashion design software is a fashion design solution that mirrors real garments. Based upon 3D Fashion Design Technology, which is faster and more sophisticated, CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. has developed two softwares, called CLO3D and MarvelousDesigner.



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The next generation of wearables designed specifically for women

Cofounders of Ringly

Christina Mercando spends a lot of her time shopping. She shops for rings and picks out the ones that can be Ringlys, a ring that connects to a smartphone and alerts wearers about incoming texts or calls via vibration and flashing lights.



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The future of wearable technology

When two Heart Sync player’s hearts have completely synchronized, the hoods swirl white and the game is won.

Two major conferences were held last week in the U.S. to discuss the future of wearable technology, the Wear Tech Con in San Francisco and Wearable Tech Expo in New York City.  Here are some of the technologies they talked about. (Photos)



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25 egg-inspired innovations

KasaUovo houses are environmentally friendly straight from the nest.
Eggs are a well-known symbol of the candy-filled holiday, Easter.  .From fashionable meaty breakfast scarves to egg-shaped eco chargers, these features will give you more than just the Easter egg to look forward to at Easter.  Here are 25 egtastic innovations. (Photos)



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Gaze-activated dresses light up and move when you stare at them


The overlap between fashion and technology is growing. A recent example comes from fashion designer Ying Gao, who made two dresses that glow and wiggle around when someone glances at them. Yes, the pair of “gaze-activated” dresses love to have an audience.



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Wearable sound effects jacket


in movies there are sound effects that make everything look and sound awesome. In the movies, we tend to experience something visual through our ears. When sound effects are added to visual content, it all becomes much more epic. Maybe that is why this wearable sound effects jacket was brought from idea to realization.



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