Gamification: The key to making cyber learning addictive

How many times have you endured a dry-as-dust PowerPoint presentation or clicked through a tired e-learning course only to realize, despite hours of ‘teaching,’ you remember virtually nothing? It’s easy to blame yourself when this happens; you may feel guilty or even harbor doubts about your ability to retain knowledge. Don’t. There’s a good chance that the material simply wasn’t practical, engaging or relevant enough – flaws magnified when you are spoken at, instead of with, in a stale classroom environment.

I am not suggesting school-style learning should be outlawed, as it certainly has its merits. But some subjects, particularly those with a large technical element, demand a more innovative approach. Without doubt, cybersecurity falls into this category – something I first observed while delivering GCHQ’s Cyber Summer School. It was evident that people enjoyed completing practical exercises requiring analytical thinking and problem solving. It was also clear that when people had fun, they learned more.

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Four Rules for Game Testing Our Way to a Better Future


Futurist Thomas Frey: At a recent video game tournament in Denver called ClutchCon, I was moderating a panel discussion on the future of video games, and we got into the topic of leveraging the time and energy spent playing video games into a “wisdom of crowds” approach for solving the world’s problems.



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Blended learning and gamification increases student engagement


Rob Schwartz has been a technology education teacher for nearly two decades. He is in his first year at Sheridan Technical High School in Fort Lauderdale, FL, a blended-learning magnet school where he teaches an online technology course. In his previous position at Seminole Ridge High School in Palm Beach County, Schwartz created Brainbuffet, a classroom website, and oversaw students’ efforts to create a plugin to gamify the blogging platform WordPress. Now, students using WordPress can choose a screen name and an avatar and participate in digital design “missions.”



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Gamification increases site engagement 29% according to billions of online user actions

Are you looking to increase commenting, social sharing, and other user engagement on your site? Billions of user actions with partners like Pepsi, Nike, and Dell, adding gamification to your site boosts engagement by almost a third, according to a Gigya study.



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Five predictions on the future of gamification

Gamification – integrating game dynamics into your site, service, community, content or campaign, in order to drive participation.

Margaret Wallace, chief executive of Playmatics and moderator at the the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab event on gamification, asked where gamification, or the use of game-play mechanics in non-game applications, is going next. In 15 seconds or less, the panelists answered.



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Three Key Strategies to Gamify Your Website Beyond Badges


There’s a right and wrong way to implement gamification beyond just slapping badges and points on your site.

Gamification, or the use of game mechanics in non-gaming contexts, has quickly made its way into the lexicon of the marketing and tech world. Companies in every industry imaginable are trying to tap into this powerful new strategy for influencing and motivating their customers, employees and fans.


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