Facebook is the most Complained about Brand

Facebook Study

We complain 879 million times/year (and Facebook is our top target)

We complain about brands an astonishing 879 million times a year on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks. A full 10 percent of us find something to be angry about publicly every single day.

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All of the biggest and oldest tech companies will be forced to break up: Marc Andreessen


Marc Andreessen

eBay, Hewlett-Packard and Symantec are three huge companies that have decided to split apart.  Super investor Marc Andreessen was involved in two of these companies and predicts that this is only the beginning. He sits on the boards of eBay and HP.



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RoomAlive can turn any space into a holodeck



Microsoft Research revealed Illumiroom last year. Illumiroom used projectors to stretch the image on your TV to take over a whole wall. Now comes the sequel, RoomAlive. The new system can turn every surface in a room–from the floor to the couch cushions to your own skin–into a glowing screen that reacts to your movement. It’s as if your whole analog world has been digitized. And that digital world can see where you’re looking, pointing, and touching, and adapt itself accordingly. (Videos)



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Top 9 ways Google is changing the world

Google Loon

Project Loon aims to bring internet access to the two-thirds of the world.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, last month, thumbed his nose at Google for its various “moonshot” projects, currently housed at Google’s semi-secret X Labs. When Nadella was asked if Microsoft could learn a thing or two from X Labs, he said that there’s always something to learn from “from people who market themselves well.”



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Online storage isn’t protected by the Fourth Amendment

Rackmount Servers in a Data Center

Content stored online simply do not have the same Fourth Amendment protections as physical data.

A judge in New York, a couple months ago, ruled that US search warrants applied to digital information even if they were stored overseas. The decision came about as part of an effort to dig up a Microsoft user’s account information stored on a server in Dublin, Ireland.


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