A new floating solar farm shows that renewables can be easy


The Sekdoorn floating solar farm in the Netherlands is completed after a record six weeks of work. This is the fastest construction speed ever for the German company specialized in the renewables sector BayWa r.e., who worked together with its Dutch partner GroenLeven to build the power plant.

The construction was done in only six weeks and the plant can power 4,000 households.

The solar farm will have a yearly energy yield of 13.330 MWh, saving around 6,500 tons of CO2 emissions a year and powering the equivalent of 4,000 households.

Floating solar power plants are what the name suggests, solar panels mounted on a structure that floats on a body of water. The advantage is that they reduce land requirements because they can be installed in industrial pools, drinking water reservoirs and small lakes.

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Netherlands passes law making everyone an organ donor by default


THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Dutch senators have approved a new law that makes everybody a potential organ donor unless they decide to opt out of the system.

The new system narrowly passed a vote in the upper house of the Dutch parliament Tuesday. The lower house last year passed the legislation with a one-vote majority.

The new law’s drafter, lawmaker Pia Dijkstra, says under the new system — which is similar to donation laws in Belgium and Spain — every person over 18 who is not yet registered as a donor will receive a letter asking if they want to donate their organs after death.

Those who do not respond will be considered organ donors, although they will be able to amend their status at any time.

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Markthal Rotterdam – a spectacular 36,000 sq ft architectural masterpiece


Markthal Rotterdam

The Markthal Rotterdam is an enormous new market hall that has opened its doors in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and it’s turning quite a few heads. The market hall is a curiously elongated horseshoe of a building, has a 36,000 square foot mural covering its rounded ceiling. (Photos)



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Brain Trip: Brain wave reading game gives museum visitors a surreal trip

brain trip

‘Brain Trip’

The Centraal Museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is offering an additional experience for its ‘Surreal Worlds’ exhibition that monitors visitors’ brain waves. Interactive agency Rhinofly developed the interactive installation ‘Brain Trip’, which enriches visitors’ trip and enables them to experience surrealism in an innovative way. (Video)



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Book Mountain: A stunning glass-enclosed library

MVRDV, a Rotterdam-based company,  has just completed the ‘book mountain + library quarter’ centrally located in the market square of Spijkenisse, the Netherlands. It houses a mountain of bookshelves and is contained by a glass-enclosed structure and pyramidal roof with an impressive total surface area of 9,300 square meters. Corridors and platforms bordering the form are accessed by a network of stairs to allow visitors to browse the tiers of shelves. A continuous route of 480 meters culminates at the peak’s reading room and cafe with panoramic views through the transparent roof. Any possible damage caused to the books by direct sunlight is offset by the expected 4 year lifespan of borrowed materials. (Photos)


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Netherlands to launch iPad-only schools that may be the future of education

iPad centric schools to open in the Netherlands.

One of the biggest school districts to buy iPads recently is the LA Unified school district. They purchased iPads for all 30,000 students as additional learning aids for its traditional teacher-led classrooms. But a new series of schools being set up in the Netherlands is taking an even bigger leap forward: it’s going to be an iPad-only learning environment.



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‘Reading Between the Lines’ – Belgian architects build see-through church


Reading Between the Lines

Belgian architect duo Pieterjan Gijs and Arnuot Van Vaerenbergh have designed and constructed a see-through steel framed church.  In cooperation with Z33, the art museum of Hasselt, they are working on a five-year long installation project, where they will construct transparent churches throughout the country. (Pics)


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Dutch railway station installs ‘transfer accelerator’ for busy passengers


“Transfer accelerator” at the Overvecht Station in Utrecht.

Commuting is typically a bit of a grind even on the nicest, newest subway or bus system. A metro station in the Netherlands, though, has sought to liven up the experience — by installing a slide that riders can zip down instead of taking the stairs. It may sound a little silly but itdoes look like fun. (Video)

Smart Grid Comes To The Netherlands


Netherlands makes a big step forward by integrating the Smart Grid.

It’s no secret that there are vast concerns in major utility companies operating a large smart grid connected to household smart meters that charge consumers a variable rate based on area usage. Unless individuals purchase updated products and tailor their daily habits to adjust for off-peak periods, which are generally considered to be weekends and weekday nights, monthly bills can ultimately rise.

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The Stunning Tulip Fields Of The Netherlands


Tulips, tulips everywhere.

A vast patchwork of kaleidoscopic colour, the tulip fields of the Netherlands are clearly nothing to be sneezed at. From the air it looks as though a giant toddler armed with a box of super-sized crayons has been let loose on the Dutch countryside… if the lines weren’t quite so perfect. The vibrant blues, reds, pinks and yellows sprawl as far as the eye can see…

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