Online and mobile advertising hits $43 billion

mobile advertising

Digital revenue surpassed broadcast TV this year.

Digital advertising online and via mobile crossed the $40 billion mark for the first time ever this past year, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau. Since 2004, the average growth rate has been 18 percent. And this year, digital ad revenues surpassed broadcast television for the first time.



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The grocery industry is ripe for disruption

amazon fresh

Amazon, Trader Joe’s, and Wal-Mart are, at least experimenting with grocery delivery.

From an economic prospective, the grocery business is loaded with friction. Once a week or more, shoppers must drive to stores, traipse through aisles hunting for what they want, and stand in lines — a gigantic, continual waste of time, patience, and gasoline. Grocers, which stand between food producers and consumers, must maintain chains of stores dotted across a geographical region or across the country, and each store must be serviced by a complex logistical and transportation infrastructure. If any industry is ripe for disruption by online shopping, it should be the grocery business.



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World Science U: Physicist Brian Greene’s new experiment in online science education

brian greene

Physicist Brian Greene

Companies and universities that run massive open online courses are struggling to prove their value. But Columbia University professor and physicist Brian Greene thinks he has a new and potentially more effective way to teach students online: World Science U, a science education platform that offers everything from two-minute educational videos to full-fledged university-level classes.



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Retailers should be embracing the omnichannel


Thanks to the disruption that the Internet, mobile phones, and social media are all bringing to the shopping experience retail is at a reset moment. It means the entire supply chain — retailers, suppliers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) — has to become more efficient, competitive, and knowledgeable to be able attract and keep customers.



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EteRNA – an online video game connects players into a real biochemistry lab



The latest research rage is crowdsourcing – Kickstarter to raise funding, screen savers that number-crunch, and games to find patterns in data – but most efforts have been confined to the virtual lab of the Internet. Researchers have now crowdsourced their experiments by connecting players of a video game to an actual biochemistry lab.


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Harvard and MIT make a strong case for MOOCs


MOOCs can make a meaningful difference even if we don’t yet know what that will look like.

Harvard and MIT have made a compelling case for the potential benefits of massively open online courses, or MOOCs despite low completion rates. They released a draft of a working paper that is rich on data about their respective HarvardX and MITx courses and focuses on what has always been a faulty focal point of many MOOC criticisms. In a free, online environment, completion rates are vastly overrated.



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