CES 2020 : Panasonic unveils world’s first ultra HD VR eyeglasses

 Panasonic Corporation of North America Sub2-VR-Glass-3---003

The lightweight VR glasses offer HDR visuals without the dreaded “screen-door” effect.

At CES 2020, companies were hard at work promoting a fresh wave of groundbreaking technology that will soon be available for you to demo.

This includes legendary Japanese electronics corporation Panasonic, which will be offering attendees a first-look at its compact VR eyeglasses, which are capable of displaying ultra high definition visuals that remove the dreaded “screen-door” effect from images, offering truly natural in-headset visuals.

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Panasonic testing shampoo robot in Japan


Hair salon Super Hair Seo in Nishinomiya, Japan is playing lucky host to Panasonic’s Head Care Robot, which is undergoing its first tests alongside hairdressers.  The shampoo robot  ‘offers a degree of comfort that users cannot experience with human hands.’

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Panasonic Ships Snowman 5,314 Miles to the Desert in a Cardboard Box


A Bahraini girl named Amna al-Haddad, wanted her younger brother Saleh to see snow for the first time.

Using no refrigeration, a snowman made in Japan traveled 5,314 miles to the desert of Bahrain, surviving the journey in one piece. The feat was a nice test of Panasonic’s new vacuum insulation panels, called U-Vacua, and a clever stunt that produced squeals of joy from a bunch of Bahraini kids. (Video)


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Netflix Buttons Coming to a TV Remote Near You


BANG! Straight to Netflix.

Just ahead of CES, Netflix has announced that consumers will soon be able to access Netflix content on supported consumer electronics devices, directly from a button on their remote controls.

Netflix has partnered with several consumer electronics leaders to bring a Netflix-branded button to the remote controls for televisions,Blu-ray players and other set-top boxes that support theNetflix Watch InstantlyNetflix Watch Instantly streaming service…

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3D Broadcasting Preparation Continues

panasonic-3dcam-md 78
The drumbeat for HD 3D continues to pick up the pace, and with broadcasters around the globe pushing forward 2010 plans to bring 3D home HDMI has updated the course of its latest 1.4 spec to ensure compatibility between displays and boxes. Quite simply, existing cable and satellite hardware isn’t going to be held to the same requirements as Blu-ray and videogame equipment rocking the 3D sticker and expecting compatibility with displays on the way, since they won’t be passing the same high quality, high bandwidth dual-stream 1080p images anyway.

‘Robotic Bed’ Transforms Into Wheelchair


A bed-shaped robot which can transform from a bed (top) to a wheel chair (bottom).

Japan’s Panasonic Corp. has developed a “Robotic Bed” that can transform into a wheelchair to make life easier for elderly and disabled people.  The invention is designed to help people with limited mobility maintain an independent lifestyle, the firm said in a statement.


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Low Cost/Low Power Radio Technology For Remote Control

Low Cost/Low Power Radio Technology For Remote Control 

A company called Green Peak has developed new low cost/low power radio technology for remote controls. Instead of that annoying point-it-a-device IR remote that needs new batteries every year, Green Peak’s remotes could last the life of the device it controls on a pair of cheap lithium ion button batteries.Not only does this technology enable better remote controls – they’ll work through walls up to nearly a hundred feet away – but could help eliminate the 8 billion dead remote control AA and AAA batteries that are tossed into the garbage each year.

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Paperless Fax Machine


 This Better Have A Huge Data Storage System With All Of The Faxing That Occurs In Today’s Society

In this day and age, it’s kind of shocking that fax machines still exist. But exist they do, and some people insist on still using them. If you still need to deal with people who require faxes but don’t feel like dealing with the paper waste that comes with it, the new paperless Panasonic fax machine should keep you going through to the fax machine’s inevitable death.

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