Huntington Park Police to deploy ‘RoboCop’ to monitor public areas

The Huntington Park Police Department is set to unveil “HP RoboCop,” the latest tool in the force’s arsenal that will keep an electronic eye on public areas, the city of Huntington Park announced in a news release.

The device is “an autonomous data machine that is meant to serve outdoors,” that will use 360-degree HD video footage to “act as an extra set of eyes and monitor areas such as parks, city buildings and corridors where police might not have the time to consistently patrol,” the release said.

The city released a video of HP RoboCop rolling down a sidewalk, making electronic sounds and at one point even saying, “Good day to you.”

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The next frontier of police surveillance is drones


A major drone company and a major police-camera company are teaming up, and the possibilities are frightening.

Future Tense is a partnership of Slate, New America, and Arizona State University that examines emerging technologies, public policy, and society.

A company that makes stun guns and body cameras is teaming up with a company that makes drones to sell drones to police departments, and that might not even be the most worrisome part. The line of drones from Axon and DJI is called the Axon Air, and the devices will be linked to Axon’s cloud-based database for law enforcement,, which is used to process body-camera data too. And it could open a vast new frontier for police surveillance.

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These professions attract the highest number of psychopaths


Psychopaths are difficult to spot most of the time. They’re not the “Jack the Ripper” caricatures you see in films or read about in books. Often, psychopaths appear normal, which makes them hard to identify.

In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-5, someone with a psychopathic personality type is defined as having an inflated, grandiose sense of themself, and a knack for manipulating other people. But a diagnosis is rarely simple.

One thing psychopaths tend to have in common is the careers they go for. For example, you’re likely to find a lot of them in leadership positions because of their ruthlessness, charisma, and fearlessness. They’re very good at making snap decisions, but not so good at the empathetic professions like nursing or therapy.

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What happens when an ordinary man 3D prints and assembles a gun, then takes it to the police department?


Brett Kuxhausen

We have seen a lot of amazing applications for 3D printing, but there is one particular application that has overshadowed some of the more positive uses, and that is the 3D printing of firearms.  3D printed guns aren’t necessarily a bad thing, in the wrong hands they certainly can be. Unfortunately the media has picked up a couple rather innocent stories pertaining to such fabrication, and used them to portray the future of the technology as being part sinister.



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‘Anti-rape’ lingerie zaps attacker and automatically texts police for help

 Engineering students have created underwear which gives any would-be attacker a 3,800 kilovolt shock.

One of the most brutal and heinous crimes imaginable is rape.  An undergarment has been designed to disable the attacker with a powerful electric jolt, while letting the cops know where an attack has occurred using GPS coordinates sent by text message.



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DNA from a crime scene could help police create an image of suspect’s face

The genes researchers found only have small effects, and are only linked with a limited number of features.

One day, police may be able to reconstruct the shape of a suspect’s face from their DNA. Thanks to identification of five genes that contribute to facial shape and features that possibility is getting closer.

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Social media role in police investigations growing

police using facebook

88 percent of law enforcement agencies use social media to investigate crimes.

Cincinnati police investigators stumbled upon an online video last year showing an act of armed robbery, helpfully taped by the perpetrators themselves.  The city’s Real Time Crime Center analysts found the footage on a Facebook page while using the popular social-media site to investigate another crime. The suspects were eventually arrested.

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