Autonomous driving will support, not displace truckers, study says


Autonomous trucks have been in the development stage for the last few years.

DETROIT — It’s been long speculated that autonomous driving technology will widely displace one of the most common jobs in the U.S., truck drivers.

Goldman Sachs, for instance, predicts that as autonomous vehicle technology peaks, as many as 25,000 trucker jobs could be eliminated per month or about 300,000 annually. But a new workforce study from the American Center for Mobility in Ypsilanti Township is saying: Hit the brakes.

The study, commissioned by ACM and led by Michigan State University and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, concludes that automated technology will “largely support truck drivers instead of replacing them” for the next decade.

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7 cryptocurrency predictions from the experts


Fortune convened some top cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, bankers, and others to chat about the future of digital money at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. last week. A select group met at the Aspen Institute for a breakfast roundtable discussion on Wednesday morning.

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FAA approves using electronics throughout your entire flight

Individual airlines still have to prove to the FDA that in-air electronics during takeoff and landing are safe for their fleet.

The Federal Aviation Administration has finally relaxed the restrictions on in-flight electronics usage. New regulations allow passengers to use e-book readers, play games, and watch videos on devices as long as they are in airplane mode.



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Researchers say sugar should be regulated as a toxin


Sugar and other sweeteners are so toxic to the human body that they should be regulated as strictly as alcohol by governments worldwide, according to researchers.

A spoonful of sugar might make the medicine go down. But it also makes blood pressure and cholesterol go up, along with your risk for liver failure, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

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Loud TV commercials will soon be a thing of the past


Those annoying ultra-loud TV commercials will soon be a thing of the past.

Today, the Federal Communications Commission is expected to pass regulations requiring broadcasters and cable and satellite TV systems to maintain constant volume levels. The order will go into effect one year from today.   The order “says commercials must have the same average volume as the programs they accompany,” says FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.

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Colorado Struggles to Create First Pot Regulations

colorado marijauna

Samples of marijuana are tested in an oven at Full Spectrum Laboratories in Denver.

What’s in that joint, and how can you be sure it’s safe?

Colorado is working toward becoming the first state to regulate production of medical marijuana. Regulators say pot consumers deserve to know what they’re smoking, and producers should have safety regulations such as pesticide limits for plants destined for human consumption.


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For-Profit Colleges Face More Government Regulations


The debt burden and default rates for graduates are particularly high at for-profit colleges.

It seems too good to be true, at least for companies. Customers arrive at for-profit colleges by the million. With them comes billions of dollars of federal student grants and loans, to be poured into corporate coffers. Public subsidies may provide up to 90% of revenue; the government bears the risk of loan defaults. This business model has served firms rather well. Its effect on students and taxpayers is less clear. This summer, however, a brawl over for-profit colleges has exploded at last.


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Scientists Use Own Children As Test Subjects

Scientists Use Own Children As Test Subjects 

Even before his son was born, Pawan Sinha saw unique potential.  At a birthing class, Dr. Sinha, a neuroscience professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, stunned everyone, including his wife, by saying he was excited about the baby’s birth “because I really want to study him and do experiments with him.” He did, too, strapping a camera on baby Darius’s head, recording what he looked at.

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Genetic Testing: Do We Really Want To Know Everything Our Genome Has To Say?

Genetic Testing: Do We Really Want To Know Everything Our Genome Has To Say? 


Once impenetrable, the individual genetic code is becoming an open book thanks to kits that scan for genes linked to scores of traits and diseases, from bladder cancer and baldness to male infertility and memory loss.

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