Meganews kiosk prints magazines and newspapers on demand

Meganews Magazines

Meganews Magazines is the world’s first automatic magazine newsstand.  It offers a new way to distribute magazines and newspapers with their print on demand technology.  The technology will reduce the mountains of wasted paper from unsold magazines at newsstands since their vending machine only prints publications when they’re ordered, in just two minutes.

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The high price of tuition-free college in Sweden

 Swedish college students still graduate with a ton of debt.

Colleges and universities in Sweden are free. But students there still end up with a lot of debt. The average at the beginning of 2013 was roughly 124,000 Swedish krona ($19,000). Sure, the average US student was carrying about 30% more, at $24,800.



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File sharing now a religion in Sweden

kopimichurch header

Will you become a member?

Pirates and file-sharers, rejoice! The Missionary Church of Kopimism (just say it out loud) has been recognized as a religion in Sweden:

Since 2010 a group of self-confessed pirates have tried to get their beliefs recognized as an official religion in Sweden. After their request was denied several times, the Church of Kopimism – which holds CTRL+C and CTRL+V as sacred symbols – is now approved by the authorities as an official religion. The Church hopes that its official status will remove the legal stigma that surrounds file-sharing.

All around the world file-sharers are being chased by anti-piracy outfits and the authorities, and the situation in Sweden is no different. While copyright holders are often quick to label file-sharers as pirates, there is a large group of people who actually consider copying to be a sacred act…

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World’s first man-made organ transplant carried out in Sweden


An image released by Karolinska University Hospital shows part of the operation.

The world’s first transplant of a fully synthetic organ has been carried out by surgeons – a windpipe created using the patient’s stem cells and an artificial “scaffold”.  A month ago a 36-year-old cancer patient received the organ at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.


Treehotel – Tree Houses Designed as World-Class Hotel Rooms



In an endeavor to attract travelers who want to get up close and personal with nature, a group of award-winning Swedish architects is flaunting a lofty new hotel concept that is set to open in a remote village in northern Sweden. The concept involves tree houses being designed as world-class hotel rooms, which aim to attract eco-conscious travelers. Slated to open on July 17 in Harads, Sweden, 60 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, the Treehotel will have four rooms when it opens this month – the Cabin, the Blue Cone, the Nest and the Mirrorcube. Two more – the UFO and A Room With a View – are scheduled to open in October this year. (Pics)

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