How Virtual Reality can Help with Curing Alzheimers Disease


90 year old grandmother tries Oculus Rift 

Nearly 50 million people worldwide suffer from dementia. It is a devastating disease that leaves individuals as shells of their former selves. For the millions of family members of those affected by the disease, one of the hardest things in dealing with the disease is empathizing with the victims. What the patients are going through simply is not within our own personal realms of experience, and it makes it hard to relate and help them cope with their disorder. With Alzheimer’s Disease International projecting the number of sufferers to nearly double within the next 15 years, it is clear there is a need to help caregivers and families empathize better with these victims. That is exactly what Opaque Multimedia is hoping to accomplish with the Virtual Dementia Experience.

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The Invention of Virtual 3D Ultrasound

Virtual 3D Ultrasound

It sounds like science fiction, and perhaps it is: Researchers have found a way to generate invisible 3-D shapes in the air that can be felt by human hands. The technology, whose main use case is letting surgeons physically “feel” anomalies such as tumors in CT scans, could also revolutionize everything from advertising to architecture.

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You can now watch a full length 3D movie on Oculus Rift

oculus rift movie

Users can download the Zachary Quinto-produced film, Banshee Chapter: Oculus Rift Edition.

The virtual reality device, Oculus Rift made it’s debut more than two years ago. Possibilities of what the device can do remain exciting, so far the reality has been less thrilling. But today the technology is taking a big step: A full-length 3-D movie that you can strap to your head and immerse yourself in. (Video)



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RoomAlive can turn any space into a holodeck



Microsoft Research revealed Illumiroom last year. Illumiroom used projectors to stretch the image on your TV to take over a whole wall. Now comes the sequel, RoomAlive. The new system can turn every surface in a room–from the floor to the couch cushions to your own skin–into a glowing screen that reacts to your movement. It’s as if your whole analog world has been digitized. And that digital world can see where you’re looking, pointing, and touching, and adapt itself accordingly. (Videos)



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Virtual reality technology is the future of work


Facebook recently acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion.

Virtually reality was the stuff of science fiction not very long ago. Now, virtual reality is increasingly emerging into the real world. A new infographic produced by collaboration specialist PGi explores the current state of virtual reality and the possibility that it will soon be appearing in the world of work. (Infographic)



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Virtuix Omni: An omni-directional virtual reality treadmill


Virtuix Omni

Thanks to the latest iterations of the Oculus Rift and imminent versions of various head mounted displays virtual reality is only getting bigger and better. But for a truly immersive experience, company Virtuix has created the ultimate virtual reality simulator: the Omni, an omni-directional virtual reality treadmill. (Video)



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Virtual reality and museums of the future


What if you were able to visit the Louvre, the Rijksmuseum and the Guggenheim all in one day? Imagine looking at the world’s most famous masterpieces from your favorite chair in your own home. Imagine being able to look around museums and visit heritage sites that you otherwise might never be able to see because you can’t afford it, or aren’t physically able to travel, or just don’t have the time. Then imagine creating your own museum, populating it with your favorite works of art and sharing your creation with others.



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Google is melding real and virtual worlds with games, apps, and Glass


Ingress, Google’s virtual reality game

In Google’s global alternative reality game, Ingress. that uses the real world as its gamespace, Ingress says, “the world around you is not what it seems.” And, perhaps, when Google’s semi-independent division Niantic Labs is finished with its mission, we humans won’t be, either.



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Moving Holograms: From Science Fiction to Reality

3D Tv’s without glasses… Coming soon!

A new type of holographic telepresence allows the projection of a three-dimensional, moving image without the need for special eyewear such as 3D glasses or other auxiliary devices.

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Fishy Sixth Sense: Mathematical Keys To Fascinating Sense Organ


Catfish on the hunt follow invisible tracks that lead directly to their prey.

Fish and some amphibians possess a unique sensory capability in the so-called lateral-line system. It allows them, in effect, to “touch” objects in their surroundings without direct physical contact or to “see” in the dark. Professor Leo van Hermmen and his team in the physics department of the Technische Universitaet Muenchen are exploring the fundamental basis for this sensory system. What they discover might one day, through biomimetic engineering, better equip robots to orient themselves in their environments.

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