Clothing made entirely by robots is getting closer


When it comes to stitching together complex garments, dexterous human hands are still far superior to rigid robot arms.

Much of the garment production process is already automated, from picking cotton to spinning yarn to cutting clothes. Some specialist machines can even sew buttons or pockets. However, no commercial robot had been able to piece together all the different materials to create an entire item of clothing, like a pair of jeans or a t-shirt.

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The end of air conditioning? Scientists develop clothing that cools the body .



An end to arguments over the temperature of office air conditioning could be on the horizon after scientists invented a material which cools the body by 4F.

The new cloth reflects sunlight while also allowing heat radiating from a person’s body to escape.

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WiFi Signals Can ID You by Your Body Shape

With the Internet of Things slated to have tens of billions of connected devices by 2020, one of the most crucial design considerations for internet-connected products is figuring out how to seamlessly integrate these devices into everyday life. In this respect, teaching machines how to identify the individuals they are interacting with is paramount—it will allow for the total personalization of everything that is promised by the IoT. Rather than just having internet-connected light bulbs and refrigerators that are sitting around waiting to get hacked, these devices will be able to recognize you and interface with you according to your preferences (something that devices like the Xbox One are already doing via facial recognition).

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Virtual Reality ‘Sunglasses’ Launching This Year


Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for virtual reality headsets the size of “normal-looking glasses” may well be realized 10 years ahead of schedule after a Chinese firm announced plans to release lightweight goggles later this year.

VR startup Dlodlo said its V1 headset would “redefine” virtual reality glasses when it is released in October, leaving behind the bulky aesthetic of current headsets such as Samsung’s Gear VR, the HTC Vive or Facebook’s Oculus Rift.

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The Future of the Internet of Things: 16 Stunning Statistics


When we started this decade, the Internet of Things was a basically a buzzword, talked about by a few, acted upon by fewer, a challenge to save for the future, like 2015 or 2020. Continue reading… “The Future of the Internet of Things: 16 Stunning Statistics”

Scientists create self-healing fabrics that also protect from harmful chemicals


Protective clothing is critical to the health and safety of workers who handle hazardous chemicals. A new fabric coating promises to not only neutralize toxins, but also to heal tears and holes on its own while the clothes go through the laundry.

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