Fashion Trend: Extremely Pointy Boots

And by “extremely”, I mean points about 2-7 feet long extending beyond the toes.

This video, which is voiced in Spanish but subtitled in English, is from the web series Behind the Seams. It describes the emerging Mexican fashion trend of wearing boots with very long points, which is closely affiliated with the Tribal music and dance scene.

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Lady Gaga Launches Fashion Line Made from Discarded Meat

flying-gaga 23456

Flying Gaga, Now in Bacon Flavor.

Pop icon Lady Gaga will launch a line of meat-based clothing this Fall using food waste. The line will be a “contemporary interpretation of her stage outfits,” according to the Haus of Gaga.

Exactly what that means remains unclear but I suggest you don’t wear the clothing camping (or store them in a bear box if you do). Unlike her infamous meat dress, the line will actually be…clothing. And unlike her meat dress, it comes PeTA-approved. Yes, PeTA approved!

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Heart Rate Monitor Integrated Into Under Armour Sport Shirt


Under Armour

Heart rate and sports monitors appear just about everywhere–in standalone devices, in watches, in bras, in shoes, in GPS devices–so why not just build them right into shirts. Many heart rate monitors need to be strapped to the chest anyway, so a heart-rate shirt seems like a logical conclusion. (video)


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The Hair Museum of Avanos


Hair today and tomorrow?

Regarded as one of the weirdest museums in the world, the Hair Museum of Avanos, in Cappadocia, is definitely a must-see if you’re into bizarre tourist spots.

Ever since 3000 BC, Avanos has been known for its high quality earthenware, made from the mineral-rich mud of the Red River, but in recent years, the town has mostly been mentioned in relation to a unique hair museum created by skilled Turkish potter Chez Galip.

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Justin Bieber to Launch … Feminine Hygiene Product Line?


Thinking about Justin Bieber at least once a month.

Just when you thought “Bieber Fever” was over, Justin Bieber has decided that tampons and maxi-pads should be a reminder that he is indeed everywhere.

The 16 year old pop idol had teamed up with Kotex to design and launch his own line of femenine hygene products which will be launched exclusively at Wal-Mart…

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Restaurant Makes Handbags From The Cow You Eat


Fashion Directly From Your Food

Forget about plunking down thousands of dollars and putting your name on a yearlong waiting list – to score New York’s latest “it” bag, you’re encouraged to eat the cow it comes from first. Sold exclusively at the Williamsburg restaurant Marlow & Sons, Breton tote bags boast supple leather and a price tag that ranges from $300 to $400.

But buying one isn’t so easy…

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LED Teeth Are the Latest Trend in Japan


A man shows off his stick-on lights, a new idea in teeth fashion.

Technology and the height of fashion don’t often go hand-in-hand. Apple devices, smartphones, and PMPs may count as a fashion accessory, but the latest processor, fastest SSD, or a next-gen graphics card don’t. That hasn’t stopped the Japanese trying to think of novel ways to make certain components fashionable, though. While the well-known bits of a PC don’t fit the bill, those little LED lights that appear on most home electronics devices apparently do. (videos)


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Color-Changing Shirts Sniff Out Air Pollution


Thermochromatic Fabric Shows Off Air Pollution

What if detecting urban pollution was as easy as looking down at your neighbor’s chest? It is–if your neighbor is wearing one of the high-tech sweatshirts designed by NYU grad students Sue Ngo and Nien Lam. The shirts, designed for a class on wearable technologies, feature internal organs that change colors depending on the levels of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere…

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BottomsUp: Padded Underwear For Men

bottoms up briefs

Canadian company BottomsUp offers a line of padded underwear for men that gives the illusion of a rounder, fuller butt.

Men, does “flat butt” syndrom bum you out? Well, there’s an uplifting news: now you can get off your duff and don a pair of padded underpants to give your booty more bounce.

The padded underpants in the spotlight are manufactured by a Canadian company appropriately dubbed BottomsUp, which operates under the motto: “Building a Better Bottom.”

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