When the “Things” we buy know more about us than we know about them


Futurist Thomas Frey:  What if the things you were thinking about buying already knew you were considering a purchase? Much like going on a date, where the person you were dating wanted to look their best for you, what if the product went through a similar process, primping it’s hair and donning an inviting smile to present itself in the best possible light?   Continue reading… “When the “Things” we buy know more about us than we know about them”

3D printing meets graphene



Futurist Thomas Frey writes: ” In 2004, scientists Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov from the University of Manchester, used adhesive tape to lift a thin layer of carbon from a block of graphite, and placed it on a silicone wafer.  Graphite is the stuff commonly found in pencil lead.  As simple as this sounds, what these two scientists had created was a 2-dimensional form of carbon known as graphene, and in 2010 they received the Nobel Prize in Physics for this discovery.  But that’s only part of the story.”   Continue reading… “3D printing meets graphene”

Three Laws of Exponential Capabilities – Video


Futurist Thomas Frey:  We are entering into a world where driverless vehicles will eliminate millions of driving positions; robotic systems will work relentlessly day and night eliminating millions of manufacturing, welding, painting, and assembly positions; and things that seemed impossible to automate in the past will have computers and machines replacing people’s jobs.

At the same time, the amount of time it takes to build ships and skyscrapers, create massive data storage centers for all our growing volumes of information, or produce global wireless networks for all our devices has dropped significantly. But along with each of these drops is a parallel increase in our capabilities and our expectations.   Continue reading… “Three Laws of Exponential Capabilities – Video”

The Coming Era of Alternative Credentialing


Futurist Thomas Frey:  Earlier this week the DaVinci Institute became the first organization in the world to offer Microdegrees® to the graduates of the Institute’s coding school, DaVinci Coders. People who complete courses in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Swift/iOS, and Game Development will all be on track to receive this new form of credentialing.   Continue reading… “The Coming Era of Alternative Credentialing”

The Massive Opportunity coming for Ground-Based Delivery Drones


Futurist Thomas Frey:  On a recent trip from Montreal to Denver, Air Canada managed to misplace my one piece of luggage.  Since I travel extensively around the world, it’s rare that I have my bags checked, but this time they insisted because of the size of the aircraft. I reluctantly agreed, and they proceeded to lose it somewhere between Montreal and my connecting flight in Toronto.   Continue reading… “The Massive Opportunity coming for Ground-Based Delivery Drones”

Living the Life of Bubble People and Unlocking the Next Phase of Human Existence


Futurist Thomas Frey:  Having been born and raised on a small rural farm in South Dakota, I grew up with a very narrow perspective of the rest of the world. With only two TV channels and three radio stations to pick from, our news options were very limited.  As a teenager, watching the nightly newscasts on television, I was thoroughly amazed at all of the things happening around the world, and yet none of them were happening near me.  I truly felt like I was living in a bubble, far away from all the excitement.   Continue reading… “Living the Life of Bubble People and Unlocking the Next Phase of Human Existence”

Can coding bootcamps save the day?


It used to be that if you graduated from college with no marketable skills but dreams of a safe career path, you went to law school.  For three years and about $150,000.  Now people skip law school and go to a computer coding bootcamp.  For just three months and $15,000 or less.

NOTE:  Anyone interested in learning to code, DaVinci Coders offers multiple courses designed to get you into the rapidly growing technology industry.  For more info please visit davincicoders.com.

Continue reading… “Can coding bootcamps save the day?”

A Journey into the Land of Epiphany

Finding Epiphanies 4

Futurist Thomas Frey: I’ve always loved ideas and I think it stems from the fact that I’ve had so many to choose from. But it wasn’t about the sheer number of ideas I got to play with. Rather it was finding that one truly remarkable gem, the golden epiphany, hiding in amongst the others.



Continue reading… “A Journey into the Land of Epiphany”

Innovationews interviews DaVinci Institute founder and futurist Thomas Frey

Thomas Frey, Senior Futurist and Keynote Speaker

Thomas Frey is a futurist and keynote speaker who presents his ideas about the future to companies, government officials and others around the globe seeking guidance and insight in a rapidly changing world.



Continue reading… “Innovationews interviews DaVinci Institute founder and futurist Thomas Frey”

DaVinci Institute Online Silent Auction

0115-8d Holiday Party 12-2011

As part of the holiday party at DaVinci Institute we will be having a Live and Online – Silent Auction Fundraiser, both for DaVinci Institute and the Museum of Future Inventions.

With over 40 items listed and new items being added daily, this is a great way to get unique holiday gifts for that difficult-to-buy-for geek or mad scientist on your list as well as support your favorite futurist organization. Here are just a few items on the list:

Continue reading… “DaVinci Institute Online Silent Auction”

Inventors, entrepreneurs, and revolutionary thinkers


Futurist Thomas Frey

We are here with a world renowned futurist, Tom Frey at the DaVinci Institute Vault, actually sitting in the ‘vault’ at the Vault. Tom explains the Vault is a co-working space. There are more and more people working from home and they suffer from two problems, either isolation or distractions. If you have a lot of kids at home [or even one] you understand distraction, we’re sure. After working at home for a while, one begins to crave conversation with like minded people, and that’s what you get at the DaVinci Institute. “You’re around people doing similar type work…” Tom says the true value is in all the sidebar conversations that go on here.


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