Fujifilm reproduces near-flawless Van Gogh replicas with 3D printing and scanning

Van Gogh’s Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers

After seven years of development, Fujifilm’s “Reliefography” 3D scanning and printing technique is ready to create near-flawless replicas of great works of art. The replicas will be available to the public for tens of thousands instead of tens of millions.



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Top graphic design and branding trends in 2013

Colors overall are making a comeback in 2013.

In 2013, advanced technology will expand and digital media will increase, but with a twist. Graphic design and branding trends are taking more chances and using multiple sources for branding individuals and businesses. It is giving designers a unique advantage because they are able to truly explore their natural creative nature.


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25 egg-inspired innovations

KasaUovo houses are environmentally friendly straight from the nest.
Eggs are a well-known symbol of the candy-filled holiday, Easter.  .From fashionable meaty breakfast scarves to egg-shaped eco chargers, these features will give you more than just the Easter egg to look forward to at Easter.  Here are 25 egtastic innovations. (Photos)



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Is Twitter the new haiku?


Some believe that social media conversations held in 140 characters lack depth and thoughtfulness. But Twitter CEO Dick Costolo sees this kind of communication as a new art form. He argued that short bursts of information like tweets open up new avenues for creativity during an interview at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Saturday. Of course, the CEO of Twitter would think this, but he raises an interesting point: Just like a sonnet tells a story differently than a limerick, do social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Vine deserve their own category of communication?



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