Ridiculous Japanese robot hotel is serious business – really!


“My name is Yoshiyuki Kawazoe. This is my hotel.” The University of Tokyo’s associate professor of architecture gestures behind himself to a flat, two-story building that doesn’t really look like a hotel. “Two-hundred people were involved in making this happen,” he says. “Experts in environmental design, engineering, architecture, robotics and construction … it’s their hotel.” The “Hen-na Hotel” will go down in tourist guides as the robot hotel, but there’s more being invested in here than just talking robots: The minds behind it hope the facility will change the world of low-cost hotels — and save the world. (Well, at least a little.)

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Warp drive is closer than you think


Not too long ago, we had to assume that we would never be able to travel faster than light. This was based on scientists’ belief that we can travel through space but cannot change the nature of space itself. Then the idea of ‘Warp Drive’ came along to challenge all of the barriers that Einstein’s theory identified. Warp Drive is about squashing and stretching space. Maybe it’s time to have a look at how far we’ve come or how close we are to seeing a real warp drive built by humans.

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Robots could be the future of mail


Despite the hype, drones may be only one small part of the future of post. It’s expected that not only drones but self-driving trucks may be the next big thing in mail delivery.

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The UK gets its first driverless car insurer


As cars have gained more assistive driving features, many questions have been raised as to how driverless vehicles will be insured. If someone has an accident while being piloted by an autonomous car, who is at fault? The driver? The car itself ?

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Norway might become the first to ban gas-powered cars


The US is only now warming up to the idea of electric cars and other eco-friendly modes of transportation,  however Norway is whole-heartedly embracing them. It might become the first country to actually ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in its aim to reach zero vehicle emissions by 2025.

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Wireless charging for electric vehicles has finally hit the road


I’m on a bus headed for Bletchley Park, however I’m not going to visit the UK’s second-world-war code breaking centre.  In fact, I’m just along for the ride. I’m on an electric bus that is one of the first vehicles to use inductive charging technology. Its batteries charge wirelessly when the bus stops to pick up passengers. No need to plug in to charge.

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The longest, deepest rail tunnel on Earth just opened


After 17 years of construction, the Gotthard Base Tunnel has opened. It’s a 35-mile high-speed rail connection beneath the Swiss Alps and is now the longest transit tunnel in the world. You better believe that Hyperloop engineers are paying attention.

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The future of cruising by 2026


CruiseDeals.co.uk surveyed a series of leading industry figures, from the CEOs of major cruise lines to passionate travel bloggers and futurologists, to find out how cruises could look by 2026. The predictions have been surprising to say the least, with augmented reality and trips to Antarctica all on the horizon.

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A robotic suitcase that follows its owner around


One of the biggest stresses of going on vacation is packing. Dragging almost-bursting cases on and off conveyor belts and around airports is not what most people enjoy doing, but the days of lugging heavy luggage through various ports and stations may well be over, thanks to a new invention – a suitcase that follows you around.

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Tesla’s inspired over a dozen new electric vehicle rivals


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Elon Musk should be blushing. On top of the increased competition from big auto manufacturers, there are now many venture-backed startups that are kicking tires within the electric vehicle industry. According to Tracxn, a startup intelligence platform, some of Tesla’s rivals include Faraday Future, NextEV, and Atieva.

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Robot to make airport luggage easier


A European airport will let travelers send their baggage to the plane with Leo, SITA’s baggage robot. Leo would bypass all the pedestrian traffic making the airport less congested and its obstacle avoidance system will help it to keep from crashing into anything in the high traffic environment and can carry a weight of 35kg.

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