Why S-curves are probably the most important concept in entrepreneurship


The world of entrepreneurship is full of buzzwords. We all want to found the next disruptive game-changing hot startup, leveraging our first-mover advantage in deep tech by thinking outside the box, just before pivoting (in an agile way!) after our A/B tests showed concerns with our UX and product market fit, then finally putting our early adopter pick-up speed and monetization unit economics on viral escape velocity, earning us that unicorn-valuation series C term sheet. Don’t we?

With all that noise, it’s very easy to lose sight of the truly important concepts. One of the most important ones, maybe the most important one for startup leadership teams, is the phenomenon of the S-curve. It determines almost everything in innovation, and while it looks simple, it is incredibly hard to grasp in practice.

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The changing demographics of entrepreneurship

startup qq5

Who are today’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs? That answer is very different than it was 20 years ago.

Most new entrepreneurs are still white and male, but the U.S. entrepreneurial population is becoming much more diverse in terms of age, race and region. Cities in the southern half of the U.S., such as Los Angeles, Miami and Austin, have become hotbeds for startups and small businesses.

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7 Historic Changes That Have Transformed the Future Of Entrepreneurship

Steve Blank g7a4

Steve Blank:  I’ve spent my life in innovation, eight startups in 21 years, and the last 15 years in academia teaching it.

I lived through the time when working in my first job in Ann Arbor Michigan we had to get out a map to find out that San Jose was not only in Puerto Rico but there was a city with that same name in California. And that’s where my plane ticket ought to take me to install some computer equipment.

39 years ago I got on that plane and never went back.

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Entrepreneurs: How To Define Your Future In The Exponential Age

Recently, I’ve been impressed by a vision of the future as shared by serial entrepreneur and CEO Udo Gollub. He has noted that what happened to Kodak will happen to many industries in the next 10 years. But most don’t see it coming. Did you think, in 1998, that 3 years later you would never take pictures on film or paper again?

Digital cameras were invented in 1975. The first models had only 10,000 pixels of image resolution, but followed Moore’s law (like transistors, we’ve doubled the number of pixels per square inch every year). Similar to many exponentially growing technologies, it was a disappointment for a long time, but grew progressively more superior and went mainstream in only a few short years.

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Welcome to the Exponential Age.

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Space entrepreneurship is about to become huge despite setbacks with Antares and Virgin Galactic


Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo

October was a tough month for space enthusiasts and the world’s private space industry. The explosion of the Antares rocket, which was headed to the International Space Station, was followed just a few days later by the crash of Virgin Galactic’s and Scaled Composites’ SpaceShipTwo space plane.



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Top 10 lessons entrepreneurship will teach you, but college won’t

There is no road map to success after graduation.

For many, college is a step toward adulthood, but going from bachelor’s degree to entrepreneur can be quite jarring. Everyone can tell you to keep your chin up, keep a stiff upper-lip and offer a bunch of other empty clichés but that really can’t prepare you for one really important truth: There isn’t a curriculum for adulthood. Knowing this, here are a few changes to expect when you take your first steps away from college and into starting you own business.



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Entrepreneurship rises when big companies fall

There are many ways that live “corporate whales” can cultivate entrepreneurship ecosystems.

When a whale dies, the 30-100 ton body — or “whale fall” — slowly, silently sinks to the ocean bottom where it becomes the wellspring of a complex new microcosm of seabed flora and fauna that can thrive for well over half a century. These new ecosystems with their hundreds of species from flesh-eating sharks to sulphur-metabolizing worms also include “innovative start-ups” — previously undiscovered new sea animals that have naturally selected to flourish in the unique ecosystem.



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China’s one-child policy stifles innovation: Study

China’s one-child law may be stifling its citizens’ innovation.

Development of a child can greatly be influenced by the number of siblings they have. But what happens when you have an entire nation of only children? China’s one-child law indicates that the policy may be stifling its citizens’ innovative instincts because single children born under the law there are less likely to be competitive, are more pessimistic, and less inclined to take risks, according to a new study. Those were the findings of researchers from Monash University in Australia.



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Family run companies in the U.S. that have been around 100-plus years

Trimper’s Rides has been operating continuously for 122 summers on Ocean City’s famous Boardwalk.

It;s not uncommon for customers at Carl Heimerdinger’s family retail store for customers to bring in scissors for sharpening that were purchased there decades ago by a parent or grandparent.




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