The internet of things could turn any product into a service


In the near future most everything could be “connected”.  Image that every bottle of shampoo, detergent, and medication container, there was a wireless sensor attached to the bottom.  These sensors could tell you how much product is left and trigger a replacement order once it gets to 10% full or approaches its expiration date. Continue reading… “The internet of things could turn any product into a service”

Where does the Internet of Things stand?


Like the Cloud in 2012, the Internet of Things is about to come on strong.

Google bought Nest for an incredible amount of money a few weeks ago. Do you know what Nest is or what they do? More specifically, do you have any idea what Nest is trying to do or what platform they are built upon? If the answer to all those questions is no, don’t worry, you’re not alone.



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Nest reinvents the smoke detector


The smoke detector screams, people panic, arms and hands flail and someone with a towel furiously fans away smoke in the kitchen. Then you need a chair to reach the ceiling to hold down that impossibly tiny red button, which never seems to silence the wailing device. So you rip out the batteries–and maybe don’t put them back for days or weeks. (Video)



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iPod creators design the perfect thermostat that learns your habits


A new view on temperature regulation.

Let’s face it, programmable thermostats can be complicated. They’re like any other device you have to program — they sound neat but actually using them can be annoying. And yet, the thermostat is one of the most important parts of a home for keeping the carbon footprint low. So how do we simplify something that can add up to a complex ordeal what with mornings, evenings, different rooms, different preferences, and so on? Well, the creator of the iPod — a marvelously simple but powerful device — has an idea…

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