The one percent are fleeing for New Zealand to avoid COVID-19


“They have all said it looks like the safest place to be is New Zealand right now. That’s been a theory since before COVID-19.”

 As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens across the United States, some of the country’s richest citizens have fled for a remote oasis: New Zealand.

This is not a new phenomenon; New Zealand has long been a destination getaway for those with the time and money to fly there. In fact, so many people consider it ideal for an emergency home that New Zealand passed a law two years ago that bans foreigners from purchasing real estate in the country

The rapid spread of COVID-19 and subsequent economic fallout in the U.S. brought renewed interest to New Zealand as a place to run away from the troubles of the world. Though non-essential travel to and from the U.S. has now been locked down — and New Zealand closed its own borders in mid-March — plenty of people made it out in time.

Now they’re holed up in luxury bunkers waiting for the pandemic to blow over.

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Meet Ella: New Zealand Police unveil first artificial intelligence officer

The police have unveiled their first AI officer, with hopes she’ll soon be smiling and blinking out of screens in stations all around New Zealand.

Ella, the artificial intelligence cop at the centre of the police’s new digital services, was revealed at the police national headquarters in Wellington this morning.

Ella, which stands for Electronic Lifelike Assistant, is part of two new digital kiosks police have designed to help reduce queues in stations and to provide a modern way to connect with the public.

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Rocket launch in New Zealand brings quick, cheap space access

  • Launch sends Rocket Lab to lead in global space competition
  • Six satellites carried into low orbit from sheep farm launchCheap, quick access to space has officially arrived — and in some serious style.On a late Sunday afternoon in New Zealand, Rocket Lab successfully launched its third rocket. Dozens of employees gathered at the company’s headquarters in Auckland clad in Rocket Lab’s black-and-red colors and let out a series of primordial screams as the rocket took off, flew into space and dropped its satellite payload into orbit. Continue reading… “Rocket launch in New Zealand brings quick, cheap space access”

Four-day work week to be made permanent after company finds ‘no downside’


A four-day work week will be made permanent at a New Zealand company after a trial was so successful it found there was ‘no downside’. Staff reported better productivity, a better work-life balance and lower stress levels after working four eight-hour days a week for two months.

The trial at Perpetual Guardian – a financial services firm that manages trusts, wills and estates – involved almost 250 employees across 16 offices.

Staff reported a better work/life balance, having more energy and improved mental health (Picture: Getty)

They worked four days equalling 32 working hours instead of 40 across the week – but were still paid for five days.

Founder of the Auckland-based company, Andrew Barnes, said there was ‘no downside’ to the new system and that staff reported reaping the benefits of extra downtime.

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The world’s first digital teacher just debuted in New Zealand


Here’s a new kind of teacher. It’s back to school, and you know what that means — time to fire up the computer that teaches you!

That’s what primary school students in New Zealand have to look forward to, anyways. They’ll soon be the first students in the world to learn from an artificially intelligent (AI) digital avatar.

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Rocket Lab readies its first commercial launch


Rocket Lab’s Electron booster stands on the launchpad during testing

Following a successful January test launch that saw its Electron booster reach orbit for the first time, Rocket Lab is now getting down to business. The US-based private space firm and its wholly owned New Zealand-based subsidiary have announced plans to go ahead with its first fully commercial mission, with the launch window to open later this month.

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World’s heaviest insect weighs 3 times more than a mouse


A former park ranger from America found the heaviest ever recorded giant weta on New Zealand’s Little Barrier Island.

Mark Moffett, a former park ranger,  has revealed how he spent two days tracking down a giant insect on a remote New Zealand island – and got it to eat a carrot out of his hand.


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Stallion Semen to be Served up in New Zealand as New Energy Drink

Stallion semen drink

Now THAT’S an energy drink with some real spunk!

The extreme of food now has a new treat du jour – shots of stallion semen. New Zealanders will be serving up glasses of horse semen at the famed Hokitika Wildfoods festival next month, a “delicacy” that racehorse owner Lindsay Kerslake says will have extreme foodies “raring to go”. “Horses are pure testosterone, you know. They have hardly any cholesterol, so the idea is you knock it back and feel like a stallion yourself,” said Mr Kerslake, of Christchurch. “You’ll have as much zizz as a stallion for a week afterwards.”

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11-Year Old Is Building a House

Dylan Karam 4521371

Opunake’s Dylan Karam, 11, got his first hammer for his fifth birthday and has never been far from a building site ever since.

Dylan Karam, 11, of Opunake, New Zealand, is building a house:

Since getting a hammer when he was five, Dylan has never been far from a construction site and has helped builders around Opunake in the last six years.

But it is his latest project that could be his most impressive…

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