How long before we reach 180 year lifespan?

PZ Myers, David Brin, Eliezer Yudkowski and Eneasz Brodski were debating about immortality. Eliezer brought up the point about different levels of immortality and had 10,000 years as a lower bound of immortality. Many of the complaints from PZ Myer and David Brin were concerns about societal effects that might accompany the change to people living a lot longer.


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‘Organic’ water claims in Australia are misleading

Bottled water labeled “organic.”

The bottled water industry in Australia has finally gone too far.  Seven makers were forced to drop claims that their product “organic” while another chose to remove their brand from sale.  The manufacturers got rid of their spin under threat of enforcement action from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which is cracking down on misleading “credence” claims.



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Sahara Forest Project – multi-technology synergy to grow food in the desert

Revegetation and creation of green jobs through profitable production of food, freshwater, biofuels and electricity.

The Sahara Forest Project in Qatar is putting together a number of different systems in a complex project intended to “produce food, fresh water and clean energy in deserts using seawater.” The project uses a number of different systems where the waste by-products from one process are used as feedstock for another. It began by focusing on what was readily abundant: seawater, sun, and desert sand, and looking to what was needed: food, energy, and clean water.



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Hydrino Theory validated by Harvard tests

A new energy source from fractional hydrogen will allow a gallon of ordinary water to become energy.

A remarkable new energy source from fractional hydrogen will allow a gallon of ordinary water to become the energy equivalent of 200 barrels of oil, a team of physicists working near the onetime laboratories of Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein are saying.



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95% of people don’t wash their hands correctly: Study

Handwashing is the most effective thing one can do to reduce the spread of infectious disease.

When consulting the CDC’s official guide to handwashing you might be surprised to learn that they don’t distinguish between using warm or cold water.They say what is important is that you use soap, that you scrub well (including the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails) for at least 20 seconds, and that you dry your hands afterwards. The CDC also officially recommends humming the “Happy Birthday” song twice through for an accurate measure of time.



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Low-Cost nanosheet catalyst discovered to split hydrogen from water

nano 3232332

This magnified image from a transmission electron microscope reveals details of the unexpected nanosheet structure of the nickel-molybdenum-nitride catalyst, seen here as dark, straight lines.

Hydrogen gas offers one of the most promising sustainable energy alternatives to limited fossil fuels. But traditional methods of producing pure hydrogen face significant challenges in unlocking its full potential, either by releasing harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere or requiring rare and expensive chemical elements such as platinum…

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Dual-Action wind turbine generates power and water

eolewater turbine 3214123

Wind can create both power and water?

Throughout the developing world, millions of people struggle with a shortage of clean water and steady electricity. This wind turbine could solve both problems in one shot by pulling both power and water straight from the wind.

The WMS1000 Wind Turbine was invented by Marc Parent and is built by the French start-up Eole Water. Sitting atop a 24-meter mast, the machine generates electricity with a conventional 30kW direct-drive turbine in a 12-ton nacelle with a 13-meter blade diameter. The WMS1000 can self-regulate the energy it produces, allowing it to provide a steady stream of power even in gusty or choppy winds. Installing an array of the turbines, which each have a service life of 30 years, creates a small-scale, decentralized power grid perfect for remote areas…

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Moby Hotel or disaster relief housing?

ark 342323

Is this the shape of the future?

If you happen to be curious about what the future home of your grandchildren might look like, take a glance at Remistudio’s concept hotel called The Ark. Russian architect, Alexander Remizov, is the mastermind behind the project, he believes that his floating “slinky,” which can hold up to 10,000 people can have multiple uses, including a safe house for disaster relief. The prototype’s main materials are timber, steel ,and high-strength ETFE plastic and it is built to handle land and/or water…

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