‘Brainwashing Soldiers’ mural by Italian street artist Blu


Brainwashing soldiers

Blu, an Italian street artist, is no stranger to controversy. You may remember his mural at the MOCA that was taken down. It was in an area of downtown that neighbors a Veterans Affairs hospital and a war memorial to Japanese American soldiers, the provocative anti-war piece showed coffins draped with dollar bills instead of flags. (Pics)

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Castle made entirely of human hair


“I Wanted To Be A Princess” series used clumps of hair to create 3,000 bricks.

Designers have utilized human hair in an incredible range of applications from sunglasses to dresses, product packaging and even woven mats that keeps weeds from growing in lawns.  Artists like Agustina Woodgate have also taken note.  She has transformed strands from countless heads into a hair bricks that she uses to construct gigantic castles. (Pics)


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