New Study Confirms That the Future of Data Storage Is in DNA

DNA contains information about a living organism. It codes everything in an living being. That’s why it makes sense for corporations like Microsoft to invest in research that studies how DNA can be used to store data. Unlike most of the existing data storage devices out there, DNA doesn’t degrade over time, plus it’s very compact. For example, just four grams of DNA can contain a year’s worth of information produced by all of humanity combined.
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AI will generate new cancer drugs


Scientists at the Pharmaceutical Artificial Intelligence (pharma.AI) group of Insilico Medicine, Inc, today announced the publication of a seminal paper demonstrating the application of generative adversarial autoencoders (AAEs) to generating new molecular fingerprints on demand.

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Using Gene Editing to Transform Cancer


You may have heard of the gene-editing technique CRISPR-cas9, often simply called CRISPR. Introduced in 2012, CRISPR works like a pair of scissors to cut DNA, inserting or reordering bits of genetic code with remarkable, science-fiction-like results: CRISPR can help create mosquitoes that don’t transmit malaria, or be used to breed unusually muscular beagles, or even create mini pigs. In humans, the technology is being tested to battle cancer — by removing patients’ immune cells, editing them, and reinserting the weaponized cells into the body to hunt cancer.

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Three-parent baby technique produces world’s first baby


The world’s first three-parent baby has been born.

Scientists revealed the birth of a baby boy, now five months old, usingDNA from three parents.

Fertility experts hailed the breakthrough as “great news and a huge deal” for the future of reproduction.

But they expressed concern that it was only achieved because US scientists crossed the border to Mexico to take advantage of lax regulation.

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Bill Gates Doubles His Bet That Mosquitoes Will Be Wiped Out with Gene Editing

But the technology for extinguishing species is dividing conservationists.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans to double the sum it is spending to create a mosquito-killing technology that relies on CRISPR gene editing.

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